Monday, May 17, 2010

Do You Go For Cheap, Cheaper, Cheapest Card Access Readers?

Any good products in the market have its anticipated expiry period or naturally undergoes wear and tear.
There is nothing physical in this world that would last a life time.
Having said that, having the best and highest quality card access system is the first priority of any corporate.
There seems to be a common argument for end users to find premium quality hardware (with higher price, understandably) and cheap, cheaper or cheapest possible hardware in the market that promises
everything under the sun, so to speak.
I can not find the best analogy here about high quality products and cheap (mediocre) products.
Perhaps, the question is like asking why would a user prefer a genuine leather wallet than a PVC made wallet?
Or the comparison between a good quality leather shoes and a synthetic leather shoes?
Buying a product is an investment over time.
Buying a cheap, cheaper, cheapest hardware in the market could cost you and your management more in due course.
It is wise to invest in a high quality product that last longer, proven to work, trusted by many corporate users and really, truly serves its original purpose of card access security.
Should the management worry about maintenance, then the next logical and prompt action of the management
is to secure a reasonable maintenance agreement with the card access vendor or manufacturer.

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