Monday, May 17, 2010

Access Card Reader : Entry Reader and Exit Reader

Access Card Readers may come in different sizes, colours and aesthetic designs.
Most importantly is the requirement of end users whether such reader need to have memory chip to store records/transactions.
How much employee's records and transactions are anticipated during daily usage would then determine how much memory size or capacity of the memory chip.
Would customers require access card readers that have display component such as Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and also with back-lit function?
Next question is the keypad features. In the event of an authorized user or particularly the manager (or designated supervisor) in charge, misplaced, lost, or having difficulty of getting his/her RFID access card
scanned by the reader, a keypad would come in very handy. By pressing or setting the required keys on the keypad with password, an emergency or immediate entry is enabled.

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