Monday, May 17, 2010

Back Up Battery

Last but not least, whether a back up battery is required for the system to run during power failure in the office or building.
AC power failure can happen any time during thunder storm, power short circuit, issues with the government electrical stations or just power cut off.
In any situation should such event arises, the user (management) has to pre-determine on such necessity of having a card access system that comes complete with back up battery
until power is restored. There are times where even the building's power generator could not function or just could not be restored on time.
There is either emergency requirement for doors to be contantly locked or should they be just left opened.
The best practice is to enable the access control system to continue to operate as if there is no power failure.
Thus, a rechargable battery back up system is of utmost importance to ensure continued security at all times.
Verify with your vendor or manufacturer the stand by duration (time) provided by the card access system in the event of any power failure.
Is the back up time sufficient until an anticipated office building power restoration?

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