Monday, May 17, 2010

Cabling for Card Access Control System

More on the following coming soon..........
Simple stand-alone door system or PC based i.e. networked to a central administrator PC.

A good integrated system must also cover the following options.

AC Cabling
RS232 Serial Based Cabling
Ethernet Based Cabling
CCTV Cabling
Wireless System
Car Park Boom Gate Barrier System
Turnstile, Tripod
Diagrams, User Manuals

Civil Engineering Works
Electrical Works
Installation, Testing and Commissioning of System including Software (Configuration, Setting, etc) and Hardware (Equipment)

Consult your vendor or manufacturer today for the best price quotations. Regional interest Region City 1. Singapore 100 2. United States 79 3. Malaysia 68 4. Canada 51 5. Philippines 49 6. South Africa 46 7. India 45 8. Australia 44 9. United Kingdom 40 10. Indonesia 11

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