Monday, May 17, 2010

Accessories for Access Control System

Exit devices may come in handy in addition to the usage of exit readers.
Exit devices may also replace exit readers for economical reasons.
Should the management decide the use only the low cost exit devices, then naturally there would be no recording/transactions who uses the particular door to exit.
The Push to Exit buttons and Touch Sensor Device could be used more frequently perhaps inside the building.

Push to Exit button is a device with push button to release the door.
Due to its faster (quicker) mechanical wear and tear, Touch Sensor Device is a much preferred equipment to release the door for user to exit.

Touch Sensor Device is regarded as the best in need of Request To Exit (RTX).
Touch Sensor (Door Exit) Device uses latest capacitor touch sensing (e-field) technology to create a
request-to-exit (RTX) switch without any physical moving parts.
The device is suitable for indoor use and supports surface mount or flush mount kits.
The StarProx® Touch Sensor Device is one the most popular device in the market.

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