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Introduction to Card Access Control System

Are you looking for the most popularly used and best RFID Proximity Smart Card Access Control System or Door Access Control System in Malaysia?

Are you searching for the best Card Access Control System for office building use?

Card Access Control System is most widely installed in any office environment such as government or corporate office building, typical shop offices, factory, manufacturing plant, school, college, university, training center, financial institution, bank, insurance, laboratory, court, ministry department, canteen, library, server room, finance department, shipyard, airport, airline, etc.

Firstly, I must say the content of this Card Access Control System blog has been specially written in a lay man's language (so to speak) in order to benefit readers.
I do not wish to put fanciful or flowery words to please readers but just zooming into basic terms and facts you need to know. Readers can easily understand the card access basic system and its accessories in a much simpler terms.

We have intentionally omitted and strived to reduce so called too many engineering jargons for easy comprehension of the relevant card access equipment.

The best advice any experienced engineering consultant would give to an end user is that it is good to study your needs before installing such software and hardware system. This way you can cut down costly mistakes and ultimately install the best and most effective Card Access Control System that truly fulfill its objectives. Everyone desires a stress-free system. Having said that a good system is complex in the inside and yet simple at the outside.
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Electro Magnetic Lock

EM Lock is short for Electro Magnetic Lock. EM locks works with its physical metal plate and these iron (bracket) plate also comes in different types dependence on the site situation.
There are U shape, L or ZL brackets. Watch out for single or double leaf type doors. Are these doors glass type or sliding type?
Back to EM Locks, well.... EM Lock comes in different strength and the most commonly used or best used is the 600lbs type.
Figuratively speaking, such equipment would require the strength of elephant to break open the door that is fastened by 600lb EM Lock.
EM Lock with its core magnetized part (fastened on the door) when activated would attract the iron plate (fastened on the frame on the wall).
Ensure that the strength stated in the product brochures or as offered by your card access vendors work according to the specifications.
This way, end users are not short changed for what they are paying.
Needless to say, trusted brand that comes with quality is of utmost importance and critical to fulfill one of the security objectives a card access system.

Access Card Reader : Entry Reader and Exit Reader

Access Card Readers may come in different sizes, colours and aesthetic designs.
Most importantly is the requirement of end users whether such reader need to have memory chip to store records/transactions.
How much employee's records and transactions are anticipated during daily usage would then determine how much memory size or capacity of the memory chip.
Would customers require access card readers that have display component such as Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and also with back-lit function?
Next question is the keypad features. In the event of an authorized user or particularly the manager (or designated supervisor) in charge, misplaced, lost, or having difficulty of getting his/her RFID access card
scanned by the reader, a keypad would come in very handy. By pressing or setting the required keys on the keypad with password, an emergency or immediate entry is enabled.

Back Up Battery

Last but not least, whether a back up battery is required for the system to run during power failure in the office or building.
AC power failure can happen any time during thunder storm, power short circuit, issues with the government electrical stations or just power cut off.
In any situation should such event arises, the user (management) has to pre-determine on such necessity of having a card access system that comes complete with back up battery
until power is restored. There are times where even the building's power generator could not function or just could not be restored on time.
There is either emergency requirement for doors to be contantly locked or should they be just left opened.
The best practice is to enable the access control system to continue to operate as if there is no power failure.
Thus, a rechargable battery back up system is of utmost importance to ensure continued security at all times.
Verify with your vendor or manufacturer the stand by duration (time) provided by the card access system in the event of any power failure.
Is the back up time sufficient until an anticipated office building power restoration?

Do You Go For Cheap, Cheaper, Cheapest Card Access Readers?

Any good products in the market have its anticipated expiry period or naturally undergoes wear and tear.
There is nothing physical in this world that would last a life time.
Having said that, having the best and highest quality card access system is the first priority of any corporate.
There seems to be a common argument for end users to find premium quality hardware (with higher price, understandably) and cheap, cheaper or cheapest possible hardware in the market that promises
everything under the sun, so to speak.
I can not find the best analogy here about high quality products and cheap (mediocre) products.
Perhaps, the question is like asking why would a user prefer a genuine leather wallet than a PVC made wallet?
Or the comparison between a good quality leather shoes and a synthetic leather shoes?
Buying a product is an investment over time.
Buying a cheap, cheaper, cheapest hardware in the market could cost you and your management more in due course.
It is wise to invest in a high quality product that last longer, proven to work, trusted by many corporate users and really, truly serves its original purpose of card access security.
Should the management worry about maintenance, then the next logical and prompt action of the management
is to secure a reasonable maintenance agreement with the card access vendor or manufacturer.

Accessories for Access Control System

Exit devices may come in handy in addition to the usage of exit readers.
Exit devices may also replace exit readers for economical reasons.
Should the management decide the use only the low cost exit devices, then naturally there would be no recording/transactions who uses the particular door to exit.
The Push to Exit buttons and Touch Sensor Device could be used more frequently perhaps inside the building.

Push to Exit button is a device with push button to release the door.
Due to its faster (quicker) mechanical wear and tear, Touch Sensor Device is a much preferred equipment to release the door for user to exit.

Touch Sensor Device is regarded as the best in need of Request To Exit (RTX).
Touch Sensor (Door Exit) Device uses latest capacitor touch sensing (e-field) technology to create a
request-to-exit (RTX) switch without any physical moving parts.
The device is suitable for indoor use and supports surface mount or flush mount kits.
The StarProx® Touch Sensor Device is one the most popular device in the market.

Cabling for Card Access Control System

More on the following coming soon..........
Simple stand-alone door system or PC based i.e. networked to a central administrator PC.

A good integrated system must also cover the following options.

AC Cabling
RS232 Serial Based Cabling
Ethernet Based Cabling
CCTV Cabling
Wireless System
Car Park Boom Gate Barrier System
Turnstile, Tripod
Diagrams, User Manuals

Civil Engineering Works
Electrical Works
Installation, Testing and Commissioning of System including Software (Configuration, Setting, etc) and Hardware (Equipment)

Consult your vendor or manufacturer today for the best price quotations. Regional interest Region City 1. Singapore 100 2. United States 79 3. Malaysia 68 4. Canada 51 5. Philippines 49 6. South Africa 46 7. India 45 8. Australia 44 9. United Kingdom 40 10. Indonesia 11

Card Access Control System : Software

Compatibility with Windows Operating System
Software Upgrade / Download for ....
-Real Time Card Access Software
-Server Software
-Client Software
-Payroll Software
-Time Attendance Software
-Visitor Management Software
-E-Leave Software
-Lift Access Software

Saturday, May 15, 2010

RFID for Building Access Security System

Electronics Access Security System for customers.

A complete card access product line ranges from a simple standalone door access control panel, intrusion alarm panel to larger integrated systems comprising a network of modular controllers designed for card access control, staff photo ID badge system, security alarm monitoring, guard tour monitoring, closed circuit television integration, large mimic board display as well as automation covering lightning and air conditioner controls.

Computer systems engineering products and services in the field of security and control electronics. Concept design, development, manufacturing, distribution and installation of a wide range of automation, security and access control systems for the commercial, private, public and industrial sectors, etc.

Most innovative product design that utilizes state-of-the-art computer technologies.
On the contrary the best answer or cost effective solution (to cutting cost or budget constraint situation) is always to use high quality products that are robust in hardware design and reliable in the long run, long term usage.

New latest access control system is web based to monitor remote sites or multiple site using card access security monitoring software.

Benefits of Card Access Security System

Complete Solution Provider

Card Access (Security) Control System has been trusted by corporate users, usage in factories, government departments, medium sized industries as well as small building offices.
Card Access System is able to provide solutions to most corporate concerns. Its ability to handle many security measures by offering new latest security features.
Problems faced in the past including the old traditional punch card system are also solved by using new digital RFID card access system.

  • Employees (staff) unable to remember their own passwords.
  • Buddy Punching Situation or Anti Pass Back Solution
  • Employee separation, termination issues at times comes with severe security risk
  • Burglary
  • Forced Entry
  • Accurate Real Time Recording of Door Entry
  • Micro Managing each Employee Access or Whereabouts
  • Office Building 's Internal Security
  • Linking (Integration) to Payroll, Time Attendance, Visitor Management System
  • Enormous Security Benefits
  • Wireless or Remote Monitoring (departments, branches, head quarter)

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